Press Clipping
New Products for June 2018

Today, when accurate and complete metadata are the key to distribution, discovery and payment, the way recording data is gathered has become fragmented at the most basic level. The second engineer’s craft has fallen by the wayside. More importantly, the reasons why this metadata is valuable has for many either been misunderstood or lost entirely. VEVA Sound’s SCP is a free plug-in that is designed to work with any DAW and gather data about recording sessions, akin to a virtual second engineer. VEVA created this plug-in based on nearly two decades of working with producers, engineers and artists within studios, collecting metadata, preserving large catalogs, and working with major labels. The SCP plug-in supports recording engineers’ data collection efforts as they work on a session in real time. Based on the international DDEX RIN standard, the plug-in encourages engineers to input required fields. The plug-in offers the option of generating and sharing a fully compliant RIN (recording information notification) as a PDF or XML file.